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Campesinos Sin Fronteras is a culturally specific, 501c3 non-profit social justice organization that promotes dignity and respect for Latino seasonal and migrant farmworkers and their families.  We are located in South Yuma County, Arizona which sits along the United States/Mexico border.   Although surrounded by desert, our valley regions contain agricultural farmland with some of the richest soil in the world. This land was originally settled by Cocopah and Quechan Nations who’s descendants still occupy the Cocopah and Quechan Reservations and lease their agricultural land to local farmers. 


This abundance of agriculture creates a demand for farm labor and the recruitment of thousands of low wage workers who are hired temporarily  at low wages and no benefits perpetrating a cycle of poverty of the very same workers who feed out country.   In this region of the United States, thousands of farm workers from Mexico cross the border into the United States to work every day, often crossing between midnight and 1 am before the workday begins. Farmworkers often work seven days a week, they work from sunrise to sunset, yet they still cannot escape the clutches of poverty.  

The farmworker community has been historically excluded from opportunities and they face many challenges such as language barriers, high incidence of of chronic diseases, limited access to affordable health care, pesticide exposure, heat stress from the extreme desert climate, low educational attainment, inadequate housing, and food insecurity.  Many experience discrimination, anti-immigrant sentiments, and are victims of domestic violence, sexual abuse, and/or drug abuse. 

CSF is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, equity-centered, and mission-driven organization that promotes dignity and respect for the Latino farmworker community and their families. Through CSF’s strategic partnerships and comprehensive programs and services, we have been able to change the narrative by advocating for equity, inclusion, and resources to empower the most vulnerable in our community to achieve a substantive improvement in their overall well-being. 


Campesinos Sin Fronteras has a track record of success in mitigating the disparities farmworkers face.  CSF employs members of the farmworker community and trains them as Promotores de Salud (Community Health Workers).  Promoteres de Salud are 100% culturally and linguistically representative of those they serve.  CSF assists approximately 25,000 people every year to improve their quality of life and uplift their voices.  


About Us



Campesinos Sin Fronteras  (CSF) began in 1999 as a nonprofit organization dedicated to educating members of the low-income, migrant farmworker community in Yuma County to prevent chronic illnesses, injuries, and illnesses associated with farm work. Over the past decade, other social needs have continued to emerge within the general population. These health and social disparities were not only related to migrant workers but to other vulnerable groups in the community. 

The 2020 US Census, Center for Disease Control (CDC), and other government sources show that people who suffer from health and social disparities are at higher risk of poverty, chronic disease, and poor health. CSF creates programs to counteract these issues, reducing the risk of health and social vulnerability and the associated cost to taxpayers.


Our programs help individuals and families, offering an escape from the cycle of poverty and disease. Self-sufficiency and a healthy, resilient community is our goal.


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