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Board of Directors

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"I joined the CSF Board because I believe in the mission of Campesinos helping to improve the lives of the underserved in our county."

"I joined the CSF Board because I believe and support the mission and unparalleled services that Campesinos Sin Fronteras continues to provide the migrant farmworker community in South County."

"I joined the CSF Board to assist and help the biggest non-profit in Yuma County that serves the Latino Community."

"I joined the CSF Board because I believe the work this organization does plays a critical role in advocating and helping campesinos achieve a better quality of life. " 

Claudia Gonzalez, JD

Martha Huizar, MS. RDN, CLC

Tadeo Azael De La Hoya, BPA, CPM

Dr. Satish Kumar, DDS

Nancy Blitz, MA

Jose Luis Cisneros, BPA

Board President

Board Vice President

Board Member

Board Treasurer

Board Member

Board Member

Board Member

Olivia Zepeda, MEd

"I joined the CSF board because I saw it as an opportunity to serve and support programs that provide assistance to children and adults for educational and social purposes. This is a way for me to give back to the community of farmworkers that I come from"

“I joined the CSF Board  to make a positive impact and to help address the unique challenges and inequities faced by our community”

"I joined the CSF Board because I admire what Campesinos Sin Fronteras does for the Yuma County residents.

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